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Helix Courier Limited Employees and Brokers do not discuss any personal customer information or the contents carried from or to a customer with any outside source.

We retain information about customers as necessary for business purposes and as required by government regulation. Customer information is collected from a Customer Profile Report filled out and signed by the customer before setting up an account. The data is restricted to Helix Courier's database. For users of our Internet Ordering system, each customer builds their own database and it cannot be accessed by any other customer. We retain information about deliveries, including names and addresses, so that we can provide proof of delivery as needed. We carefully dispose of records and delete information when our internal retention periods expire. Your continued use of our services and Web Site signifies your assent to our Privacy Policy.

Each Broker sub-contracting to Helix signs a separate Broker Agreement which assures adherence to our Customer Privacy Policy.

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